An Anti-Ode to Monday

Oh Monday, Monday Most hated of the days How you haunt our weekends With your displeasing haze With gratitude we pass you Oh Monday from Hell To endure your neighbor Tuesday Who hates you, we can tell Alas, there comes the Wednesday The day we most can bear We walk as if in slumber Thinking, yes, we’re halfway there. Dear Thursday, second best You lift our spirits some We see the light that hovers there The end of the week to come Oh Friday, my dear friend Our favorite by far Oh how we love you Friday The rest we find sub par The weekend is upon us! What happiness abounds We sleep, we play, we carry on With smiles all around Come Sunday night, however Our moods begin to soil When once again we realize With Monday comes more toil Oh Monday, Monday Most hated of the days Why must you torment us By repeating in this way? Advertisements

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