In Defense of Reverse-Technology

I’m telling you, we got this ALL wrong.  We need a do-over!  Remember that scene in the Superman movie, when Margo Kidder gets caught in the car and dies, and Superman goes into space and does his speedy flying thing in reverse of the earth’s normal orbit and time goes backward?  Yes, that’s what we need. When “they” say that technology has made our lives easier, I call bullshit. No,no, no, it has not.  For one thing, before cell phones, if my daughter ran out of toilet paper, that was her problem.  I wouldn’t be getting 36 text messages about it while trying to have coffee with a friend.  Yes, remember face to face interactions?  I still have those.  I didn’t have to listen to that strangers loud one-sided phone conversation while trying to have lunch and read the paper in peace.  Never did the thought cross my mind that someone might take my photo surreptitiously as I wandered into Starbucks in sweats with my bed-head and yesterday’s make up.  And that’s just the beginning people. And let’s talk about productivity shall we?  I am old enough to remember when we had to WRITE things…letters, cards, school papers, checks even!  Do I wish we still had to?  Of course not!  The time saved is a spectacular human achievement.  But here is where we misstepped ladies and gentlemen.  We should have stood back and said, wow, look at that. We just […]

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