If you’re looking at blogs about life, you’ve read my story everywhere!  You know the drill… I used to work in corporate America!  I used to work A LOT!!  I had NO life!!  I never saw my friends or family and only recognized my children when they said “Mom” enough times to get my attention.  I was sick, tired and nearly dead!  Ok, that one’s a bit of stretch though I did do my time in the ER more than once.  I’d like to say that one day, the clouds parted, the winds quieted, and my mind snapped to attention and I just knew…time to step off the hamster wheel.  Time to lean OUT.  But alas, no such epiphany.  I just got sick and left a high paying but highly unsatisfying job and found myself starting anew.  Two days after my “retirement” party, I left for an extended trip to Europe.  And then I went to Thailand.  And then I went to Japan.  And then I came home.  And then I thought, what now?  So here I am, trying to find my new path.

I love to write about “stuff”.  And I love to travel.  And take pictures.  Lots of pictures. I don’t have a niche or a focus or even a consistent topic.  What I have are stories and perspectives and a sense of humor.  Oh, and I have time on my hands.  Lots of it. I hope you find this blog entertaining, enlightening, helpful.  Welcome to my world.  I’m happy to have you along for the ride, even if just for today.