Hello World….

There are few things I love more than writing what I feel.  Actually, it’s a desperate need.  Ok, honestly, it’s a survival skill.  I am mentally bombarded with the oddities, trivialities, and, occasionally, deep thoughts about everyday life.  They plague me like bad boyfriends and overzealous mall hawkers.  If I don’t get them out somewhere, somehow, they haunt my days and deprive my nights of sleep.  So this is my therapy.  I invite you to cavort with me through the sometimes humorous, sometimes irreverent, often ridiculous, meanderings and musings of my soul.  Oh, and I travel.  A lot.  So you get pretty pictures to look at, too.  What more could you possibly want?


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  1. Love your blogging philosophy. In many ways it it similar to why I began as well, an overwhelming need to get the thoughts out and processed somewhere. Added bonus, meeting some interesting people along the way:)

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    • Hi! This is my first venture into writing. Your story about your dad is beautifully written. I enjoyed it very much! I feel similarly about both my parents. There is so much there that I don’t know or understand and I often find myself feeling quite anxious that I never will. I don’t want them to be gone and still be wishing I knew more, but perhaps it’s inevitable?

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      • Death is, but knowing who they are is something you must find out yourself. I wrote that story as a fiction story, first, but later, after my father died, I rethought and rewrote it.


  2. Good stuff Sammy. Now that all of my guns are cleaned I am ready to meet the boyfriend. You can’t hide him Syd.


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